About almost wholesome

Hi! My name is Indiana. I am a 35 year old trying to work out this crazy thing called life. I have a boyfriend of 5 years and a just gone 2 year old. I work teaching primary school kids how to how to slay on the violin and keys and I work with adults with intellectual disability - running art/drama/dance/disco classes (still pinching myself, how did I get so god damn lucky on the job front?!)

I’m a creative; Ive worked most of my adult life in the music industry playing the violin for other musicians/bands and putting my own project out into the world. I make things, and I love to do my artwork. There are a kazillion other layers but thus us me in a nutshell. 

So, why are we here? I have reached a point in my life that has made me want to find the secret to happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy! But I hold myself back a lot. I doubt myself incessantly. I have an internal self saboteur (lets call him Barry) that has a killer instinct to shut down success or moments of pure joy because why would I possibly be worthy of feeling such things? He tells me I’m fat and uninspiring and a shitty girlfriend/mother. He encourages me to fall off which ever wagon Ima riding at the time.  YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE BARRY. 

I want to work out how to be the best version of me, stay true to myself - unapologetically, do what makes me feel good, feed my body mind and soul. BE PRESENT. Be happy. Be wholesome. Well, as wholesome as I can be considering, oh you know, life and stuff… 

I’ll be sharing all the good/delicious/beautiful/inspiring things that come into my life, depicted in nicely filtered photos (of course!), but it will also be the TRUTH. Or rather, my truths. I’ll be honest. I’ll tell you how it is. I’ll share my success and my failures in all their glory. I’ll give you out-take photos, I’ll give you domestic break downs, creative blockages, falling off the wagon and how I manage to get back on. All of the life things. Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two, and maybe you’ll get something out of it too. 

Also, keep in touch! Direct me to articles/blogs/ideas/inspiration. What works for you? How do you find your happiness?