Nice-cream for the win!


I know it's starting to get colder, but this is an all year round treat for us! 

We try really hard for the most part not to do the sugars. We do it for ourselves, and for the kiddo because if we don’t try, we would eat all of the sugar all the time! 

Any baking that I do, I do without sugar. I try and find the recipes that uses bananas/applesauce or I sub the sugar out for these things. 

Sometimes the baked goods turn out a little bland, but it doesn’t really bother me and the kid isn’t phased at all! The novelty of having a muffin or banana bread is all that he cares about!

Nice-cream on the other hand… Never. Bland. Its insanely delicious and makes me wonder why ice-cream shops don’t offer something like this as a sugar free alternative. 

We originally followed a recipe from a paleo cook book but have altered it slightly, especially the volume! 

Here is all you need - 

1 packet of frozen strawberries (500g)

4 bananas

1 can of coconut cream (400ml)

Chuck it all in the blender and hit WHIZ! Often I have to stop it a few times and mush it all down towards the blade to keep it blending nicely so you get a super smooth consistencey. 

Then I pour it into a bunch of reusable icy pole moulds I got from the supermarket. I poor the leftovers into small bowls/tupperware to chuck into the freezer for a later time, or just pour the remaining into bowls to eat straight away!

If you want a more instant nice-cream (the method above makes it more like a super duper thick shake that needs to be set a little, but delicious as is!) use frozen bananas for a thicker consistency. This will mean more stopping and mushing everything down towards the blade to keep it going. 

Best treat going round!