Five dishes that are packed with veg that our kid smashes!


Our kid isn't the pickiest of eaters, but he definitely has his moments! All I seem to be doing when it comes to food is trying to make sure he has enough veggies in a day. Sound familiar? I was told by a good friend that nutrition intake for a toddler is kind of measured over a three day period. So if they have an off day and eat nothing but crackers, it's not the end of the world, you just try to get some veggie down the hatch again the next day. I don't have evidence to back this up, but it makes sense right? If our kid is teething or sick or going through some developments, he doesn't have an appetite and if he does eat he doesn't want anything that we want him to eat (because you know, toddler) and I would end up pulling my hair out freaking that he didn't have enough nutrition that day. Now I just let it go and try again tomorrow. The being good not perfect rule has to be available to the kid too! 

In saying this, he does have five dished that are packed with veggies that he loves and most of the time will eat. So we make big batches and keep them in the freezer so we know we always have something on hand. Half the time Al and I are eating something different, which is a bit more work but we enjoy the cooking (most of the time). As a side note as well, the following dishes are all vegan. We don't cook the kid meat in the house, and sometimes he adds cheese if he wants but mostly the veggie dishes we make him tend to be veegs. 

Here are our go to dishes to get veggies in the belly of the kid!

Smoothies - I have a seperate post about our morning smoothie ritual, so go and check that out for more deets, but most mornings we have a smoothie with breakfast! Banana/berries/ chia seeds/kale/ spinach and sometimes cucumber or partially cooked carrot. All sounds weird and not quite right but IT IS VERY RIGHT. And he LOVES it and he starts his day with fruit and veg, so I am not complaining!

Veggie soup smoothie -  Yes another smoothie, but of the soup variety! WHA?! Sounds weird, but its the best. We make veggie soup with whatever veggies are in the house (no recipe, literally putting cut up veggies in a big pot with stock and cooking it), sometimes adding beans or chickpeas and bar mix it till it is a smooth consistency. Then we put some in his smoothie cup (plastic jar shaped cup with screw on lid, with large straw attached) and he LOVES it. He has it cold in summer and warmed in winter. A surefire way to make sure he’s at least having a few veggies in his day. Often we will have it along with something else, like toast or veggie sausages to make sure he’s got a full tummy. 

Lebanese Lentil veggie soup - This is an AWESOME soup that the whole family absolutely loves. Easy to make and crazy delicious. It’s not vitamized so he just has it in a bowl, but it’s packed with veggie goodness and tastes amaze. 

Victors Pasta - This is a tomato based pasta sauce with at least 5 veggies blitzed into smithereens and undetectable in the sauce. The secret to this dish is nutritional yeast, I don’t know why. It’s just awesome and he LOVES it.  

Veggies with Zaatar -  This is a veggie targine. I follow a recipe loosely, but change the veggies to ones I know for sure he will eat (potato/sweet potato/cauliflower/broccoli/pumpkin) and the real winner with this dish is sprinkling zaatar on top.  He loves it and he gobble up all the veggies no question so it’s a win in this household. 

So they are our main go-to dishes for the kid. It's a relief knowing that we have them up our sleeve and plan to keep adding to the list! 

So... What are your go to dishes? How do you get your kids to eat the veg?