Smoothie time!

I am always on the search for ways to get my toddler to eat veggies. If I put a salad in front of him I'd expect nothing less than 'I no want it Mumia'. He just doesn't go for fresh veg. He does enjoy a few cooked dishes but generally fresh veg is out of the question. 

I started making smoothies for myself in the AM for a quick healthy breakfast that I can have on the go. He started asking for sips, and surprisingly (surprisingly only because there are a bunch of green in it) he liked it! 

So, I purchased a kids smoothie cup from the supermarket. It's a plastic jar like cup with a screw on lid that has a wide straw sitting in it. The straw has a stopper at the end so he can't pull it out and everything stays relatively contained. 

So the smoothie has- 

2-3 tbl spoons chia seeds (soaked in water)

2 bananas

1 cup blueberries

1 handfuls of baby spinach

1 handful of kale

sometimes 1/3 of a cucumber - peeled

sometimes partially steamed carrots

This is enough for all three of us. I prep the chia seeds the night before usually and let them soak overnight, this also makes it a bit quicker in the AM. When they are soaked, they become gelatinous and give the smoothie a thicker consistency. They don't add any taste but they are a 'superfood' so thats kick ass!

In the AM I chuck the bananas into the blender (sometimes if I have super ripe bananas I will peel, quarter and put in a container in the freezer, which makes the smoothie nice and cold!), along with the berries and greens. If I have time the night before to partially steam some carrot pieces, I'll put them in too because they are sweet and when slightly softer, just disappear into the smoothie and unbeknownst to the kid, he's having more veggies!



I don't know if it's pure luck or pure genius, but he LOVES it and the whole family have a smoothie every morning. Al and Otie with their breakfast and I tend to take it with me in a container to work and sip it throughout the morning to keep me going. 

Baby bear, Papa bear and Muma bear!

Baby bear, Papa bear and Muma bear!

The other great thing about this smoothie cup is that anything that is blended is now classed as a 'smoothie' to Otis. So he started asking for his blended veggie soup in his cup and he guzzles it down like a madman! He calls it 'soup smoothie' and often asks for it for dinner. AMAZING.