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Odawara and Hakone

So day 5 was a travel day for us and due to the kiddo getting his grump on middayish, we decided to leg it out of Tokyo relatively early to avoid having to travel with crazy. 

We arrived in Odawara and decided to get to some greenery, so headed to Odawara Castle. We didn't know what else was around here, only that there were a few gardens, and we just needed space for the kid to be a kid outside of his pram. So we walked over from the station (about 10 mins) with big ol' faithful (our suitcase) and found the Castle. 

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Tokyo adventures around the hotel in Iidabashi and Tokyo Dome

We all felt groggy and a little grumpy this morning. We woke up in new surroundings and in a country we had never been before, after a full day of transit yesterday with our 2.5 year old which was utterly exhausting. 

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