Tokyo - Shimokitazawa


Day 3. The day I unravelled. KIDDING. But it was a close call...

I said to my parter today - 'This is just a parenting challenge disguised as a family holiday, isn't it?'

We went to Shimokitazawa to explore as a few people had said it was similar to Brunswick or Fitzroy in our hometown of Melbourne and that we would love it. But because our fam bam greets the world in the sixes, we got there waaaaaaay before anything really opens (which is around 11am/12pm!). We had a good breakfast before we left the hotel but by the time we had walked to the nearest station, made our way there and realised it was way too early, we were all a little grumpy and in need of food. 

THANK YOU KONBINI GODS. One canned black coffee and a soft chocolate scroll later, we had found the weirdest little park to fill in time. Otis couldn't have cared less, he was off roll-playing and ordering us around to jump off buildings (rocks) to catch the villain (me, of course...) and we chased each other around the park for a good hour. 

One of two ride on animal thingos at the park

One of two ride on animal thingos at the park

We headed to Frankie Melbourne Espresso that was recommended by a few people and boy, did it come through with the goods. It was in fact, in this moment, everything I could have asked for. We drank so much coffee. Heaps. It was the best. And the kid had fun playing with his toys, albeit a little too loudly.


Something I find so hard to get used to is how quiet people are! It's so hard coming from rowdy Australia where you're encouraged to be loud and proud and fun and funny and eccentric! This is something I encourage with Young Squire, but here we always we feel like we have to shhhhh him and it drives us (and him) nuts. We just don't want to step on peoples toes (or rather, earholes) so 'can you use your quiet voice please bubba' has become a common saying throughout our day. 

After all of the coffee, we had a little meander through the streets as by this time most shops were open. We Uniqloed it for some new threads for the kid and Daiso for some bubbles and stickers for later activities. 




We were hungry by the time we left so found a restaurant, but Otis was too far gone and it was a hellish experience. We ate as fast as we could and hot footed it out of there. Put the kid to sleep in the pram and then found our way to B Side Label sticker shop.

Of all the things I hoped to do in Skimokitazawa, this was equal first with Frankie so I was beyond thrilled to finally make it there (with sleeping child!).


It was as awesome as I thought it would be, my inner child came fluttering to the surface and I spent more on stickers than I did on food that day, so, I'm basically winning, right?

We headed back to the station, hoping to get through most of the transit home with the kid still sleeping. 

We got home by 3pm ish and basically all melted into the ground. I'm surprised that this 'traveling as a family' is so hard, but also I'm not. So many people said ' good on you!' or 'no way in hell I would do that!' or 'you're so brave' and I was all naively like ... 'what do you mean? It will be fun!' Hahahaha. So great. 


We learn, we learn. Don't get me wrong. IT'S A FRICKEN TRIP OF A LIFETIME AND I LOVE MY FAMILY. We are just all utterly exhausted! Thats all :)