Tokyo adventures around the hotel in Iidabashi and Tokyo Dome


Day 1! We all felt groggy and a little grumpy this morning. We woke up in new surroundings,  in a country we had never been before, after a full day of transit yesterday with our 2.5 year old which was utterly exhausting. 

The fist thing that we learnt the morning we woke up in Tokyo was - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMETHING IN THE HOTEL TO EAT FOR BREAKFAST. For us, we are just not ourselves until we have a belly full of food, and for the kid - the longer he leaves eating the grumpier he gets and the less likely he is willing to try something new. Also, if you aren't equip with food first thing, you have to find the food before you eat it which can add to the stress of the situation.

So if you're coming with a little tacker, pack a wheetbix or something. ANYTHING that you know your kid is familiar with and will eat. A kid with a full belly is a happy kid. We had left over crackers from the flight yesterday (that the kid was sick of) and some milk. It was at least something, but ultimately not enough and it was a battle to find aaaaanything that the kid would willingly try and eat. 

As our hotel doesn't provide breakfast, we left early in the morning to try and find something to eat and to explore our new neighbourhood (Shinjuku). Below are photos I took on our walk. 


Not a lot opens before 10/11am but I had done some research so knew there was a cafe (MOJO Coffee) about a 10 min walk from the Hotel that was owned by New Zealanders so the chance of a familiar coffee for us and maybe something to eat for Otis was high on the early morning to-do list. Coffee was good and they had BABYCHINOS WITH MARSHMALLOWS (thank you universe) They called it a 'Fluffy' which was really cute. 


The kid was in all sorts of fluffy heaven. 

After fueling up, we went to find Akagi Amusement Park which was a real win. Space to run around and climb and not be restrained to a stroller. From our experience so far in this seemingly residential area is that most walkways are shared with the roads and it was too unsafe to have the kid out as he is notorious for some good ol' stop/drop/roll action just for the hell of it. 


After this park, we found a supermarket of sorts and picked up some things to take back to the hotel. On the way home we found another park, this time with more traditional styled play equipment, I'll add photos when we go there next. 

After our explorations, we went back to the hotel for a rest (for us) and sleep (for a very grumpy kiddo) which was very much needed. 

When he woke we thought it a good idea to go and explore around the hotel some more, but this time head towards a more populated area. Tokyo Dome is a short walk from where we are so we went to check our the amusement park there. 


Holy hell I want to go on that roller coaster so bad (and will before we leave!) but wrangling a grumpy 2.5 year old in a public place was roller coaster enough. We hung out there for a bit, went on a teacup ride with Otie and he played in the water area.


We had a bite to eat and then walked home with a screaming child in the pram for about 15 mins straight. Oh the joys. 

Once home we cooked some veggies, and mixed them with some noodles. I snuck out to pick up beers and snacks because. WE DESERVE IT AFTER THE DAY WE HAD and the kid was in bed before 8pm. Which in Melbourne time is 9pm, so still pretty late. 

So we resided to the kitchenette where we had a Gyoza/beer picnic on the floor. Day one = done and dusted!