We are going to Japan!

Shibuya - photo by Claudia Tory

Shibuya - photo by Claudia Tory

We have booked a trip to Japan for a three week fam bam adventure for the end of April to mid-May! 

This was a very necessary thing for me, something to work towards and look forward to. Not that I really need something to look forward to, my life is great obvs! But it makes my work week slog seem more worth it and the dreams of getting away from the day to day monotony of work/daycare pick ups and drop offs/cooking/tidying the house etc etc very welcome! Time away from the everyday. Time to adventure! Get immersed in a new country, new culture, new craziness and for the first time, see a new country through the eyes of my 2.5 year old! Can. Not. Wait.

I’ve done endless amounts of research and planning, all of which I am sure will be thrown to the wind when we get there!

I’m hoping there will be a healthy balance of sight seeing for the big kids (me and my partner), taking the youngster places he would love and having some actual downtime and days where we aren’t trying to fit a bunch of things in. Our itinerary as it stands is very ambitious, but I figure better to be super prepared and have lots of options and all the information for all those options, and then different options if weather isn’t good and then another choice if thats not suitable etc etc.  Needless to say I am a notorious over planner! I think if my partner had a choice in the matter we would just show up and see what happens (which is an attitude I’m trying to adopt to a small extent) and together we seem to be well partnered and the balance is looking good for the trip!

We decided to only spend time in a few places, to get a chance to really explore those specific places and not have to move around so much. I would love to go hiking or to the mountains  or to the sea but we decided that that was a trip for a time when the kid is a little older and more willing to adventure with us. So we will do -

5 nights in Tokyo
3 night in Odawara (to access Hakone and surrounds)
9 nights in Kyoto
2 nights in Hiroshima and a further
3 nights in Tokyo before flying out

Hiroshima was a late addition as I realised a friend was residing there and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to visit.

I sometimes think about adding Osaka to the itinerary as many people say it’s a wonderful city, but I’m stoked on a full 9 nights in Kyoto for some serious down time and can always venture to Osaka for a day trip if we feel compelled, ooooor just save it till next time!

It’s a week until we leave and I am nervous and excited and simply cannot wait to begin our adventure. I will be documenting the trip and our itinerary- what worked, what didn’t work, what we loved, what we didn’t love. The food (especially what the kiddo likes), traveling with a toddler, the plane trip etc. Everything. So stay tuned and read/watch as our first fam bam adventure unfolds!