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Pull of the fuzzy buzz

My partner and I have always struggled with the pull of the booze.

If the booze is in our life, it's pretty regular. If it's in the house we will drink most days. We aren't getting smashed and partying till the early hours mind you, we are just getting a buzz on. Which is nice. I love the buzz!

We have never stopped being good people. We have a bloody fun time but amidst the hangover we became a not so great version of ourselves; making our way through life in a bit of a fog and not committing to things like eating healthy or doing exercise or being creative, all the things that make us feel great.

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The old 'switch off'

I've got a lot going on. But who doesn't?! I don't know about you, but I bloody love a good 'switch off'. This comes in many forms- one of which is watching a shitty tv series on netflix/stan that I actually hate but love because it so bad (always finishing the series with - *sigh* 'I'll never get that time back' or 'well that was shit'). But on a more regular basis it come in the form of social medial. MASSIVE switch off for me. 

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Today marks the day!

I'm always trying to better myself and this here lies my ultimate self-love list of things that I know make me feel awesome, that I am trying to connect with on a daily basis. Lets get real for a sec though, its not often that I get to do everything in one day. Actually it would feel more like a fluke if I did! But having this as a reminder is always nice. 

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